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Server Explorer & Downloader

Server Explorer & Downloader

An application that allows the user to explorer the server and download files. You can make multiple user accounts with different passwords, give them access to different directories and allow them to see and download only certain types of files.

Preview users:
username: admin
password: password

username: lars019
password: test

  • Add users easily in PHP:
    • Each user has his own password
    • You can give each user access to a certain directory and all sub-directories of that directory
    • You can give each users access to only certain types of files, you can chose between all, images or define the file types yourself
  • Easy installation
  • Login screen, can easily be adjusted in flash
  • Different file and map icons according to their extensions
  • Downloads the file from the server, when clicked on it.
  • Coded in AS3

Requires server with PHP support!

The see more projects of me: WWW.M0L.NL

If you think something could be easier or something isn’t as you want it, please contact me at my site so I can adjust it and you and everybody can profit of it.

Do you have any questions about this app, contact me and I will answer you and add this answer to the documentation as well so nobody else has this question again.

Server explorer, navigator, directory, map, structure, download, downloader, file, index, as3

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