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Share this page with friend(s)

Share this page with friend(s)

This space-saving “share this page with friends” or “send this page to a friend” file lets your users share the page they’re on with one or one hundred of their friends at once. It’s a great way to spread the word about your great content virally, without having to pay for advertising. Just place the file within your page and you’re done.

This file does NOT require Flash or any special software to use. Everything can be edited easily within the XML and PHP files. It’s all built within classes so if you want to use it within your Flash file, it only requires 2 lines of code!

This file will determine the page it’s on so you don’t have to set the URL manually for each page.

The feature that really sets this file apart is the ability to share with multiple friends at once. They can just click the plus button over and over to keep adding new email addresses.

Customization is easy. Just open the XML where you can edit all of the 19 color attributes. You can also customize any of the text, including all the tooltips and input fields. Everything but the input text can handle simple HTML text such as bold, colors, and fonts. Don’t worry, it can also handle special characters like Õ, Ä, and Ü. You can even customize the subject and body of the email that gets sent to all the users.

Here’s the impressive list of features:

  • Send to multiple friends’ emails at once
  • No need for Flash or special programs
  • Automatically determines the page URL
  • Easy to customize
  • All colors are editable via XML
  • All text is editable via xml
  • as3 (actionscript 3) OOP
  • Built in classes so you can add it to your project with 2 lines of code
  • HTML text supported
  • Works in FireFox, ie (Internet Explorer), and Safari
  • Uses PHPmail
  • Gets your users to spread the word about your site
  • Handle special characters like Õ, Ä, and Ü

If you’d prefer the as2 version of send this page to a friend, check it out here.

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