shareMe V2 - Facebook Send, Post & Twitter Tweet

Add social media share buttons to your Flash project to Tweet a twitter message, send Facebook users a message to their inbox, post a vimeo or youtube video, post an image or a link to their Facebook wall.

Easy to setup. AS2 and AS3 FLA files included. Facebook buttons use the Facebook API send and feed dialogue. A simple Facebook App is required. Simple step by step instructions and screenshot included.


NOTE: All Facebook features include optional post thumbnail graphic. Facebook buttons use API send and post dialogue.

  • Send message to users Facebook message inbox
  • Post YouTube video to wall
  • Post Vimeo video to wall
  • Post link to wall
  • Post link to an image with thumbnail to wall
  • Allow user to easily add any Facebook App you develop to their page
  • Simple instructions on setting up your application in Facebook.
  • Easily customize button colors, text, and size in Flash…
  • ... or use your own button graphics and animation