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Shiny CASINO gold style text effect

Shiny CASINO gold style text effect

100% filters effect!
The filter effect works on any font you like! And on any AS2 + AS3 project.

This item is also included in the text effect pack.

The shiny casino style is great for web titles & banners.
Give your text this prestige cool glossy effect, like lighten plated gold.
Works best with the ‘impact’ font style, and great with dark background.
Try it! type some text, like: 100$ CASH FREE – it’s so great.
The effect Will work with any font you choose.

The file contains everything that you see in the preview above.
• This is 100% flash vector graphics.
• It uses only Filters effect.
• Simply Drag & Drop!
• It’s only one movie clip that contains the text box graphic.
• And it’s Easy to make any text changes & customize.

Of course, you can copy the Filter effect and using it on any text,
movie clips and buttons.
Can be great for any e-Card, greeting cards or Ad.

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