Sideways Scrollbar Image & Video Website Gallery

When it comes to browsing the internet scrolling is the most natural way view and present your content. It is inherently one of the best ways to view the web.

In honor of the scroll bar and scroll wheel I’m proud to present Sideways, a horizontal image and media gallery website. Inspiration for this file came from an HTML website I built long ago that scrolled horizontally, but it was clunky and lacked the elegance and smoothness of an all flash site. This Sideways Scrolling Gallery site solves the clunkiness and navigational hazards of HTML .

Sideways is an accomplished gallery website template that could even be outfitted as a fantastic portfolio site. With Deeplinking and SEO optimization there’s nothing holding this file back from being your be-all website. Yet the file is simple enough that even showcasing your recent camera roll of photos and videos will impress your online visitors.


Optional instruction screen
100% XML driven (edit color, size, text all within the XML file)
Load all media file types (swf, jpg, png, gif, flv, mov, mp4, f4v)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Contact form with email subscription option
Optional logo
External links
Mac MouseWheel support
Support documentation