Simple Calendar with Unlimited Events

Simple Calendar with Unlimited Events - ActiveDen Item for Sale

To see the events in action scroll in calendar to April/May of 2011.

Clean and simple calendar for your events.
You can resize the whole calendar over xml including text size and position of every element, without the need for opening flash files.
Easy to change font (instructions included).


  • Display date formatted by month:day:year or day:month:year
  • Change day and month names over xml
  • Unlimited Events per day
  • Change all colors through xml
  • Resize whole calendar through xml
  • Set text sizes through xml
  • Event description text is HTML formatted with external stylesheet.
  • Scroll feature for day events and for each description automatically shows if neccessary.
  • Scroll with mouse wheel enabled.
  • You can define event time, title and description.
  • Easy to change font (instructions included)