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I drag and dropped the component to the stage but is not working. Am i missing something?

You need to include the com folder where the actionscript files are stored. Just copy the com folder in the same folder where your fla file is.

My transition is not working on my .swf’s

Some transitions don’t apply on swfs cause they are bitmap based.

Some images are skipped.

Make sure they are in a consecutive order (e.g. 1,.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg…) and the extension is the same for all in lowercase.

The images won’t load at all.

- Check that the extension is the same for all in lowercase.
- If you are using .jpg extension be sure they are saved in a non-progressive format.
- Make sure the extension selected is the correct one in the component inspector.
- Make sure the folder path is the correct one.

It works when i test the .fla file but it won’t when i insert it into the html.

Check path of the images folder.

If your HTML file is another folder the flash wont find the path cause now the path is relative to the HTML not the fla file.


Here your fla file finds the images folder cause the path (images/) is relative to the flas folder



When you insert the .swf file in the .html the path is broken now cause index.html is different folder than it used to be:


site/web/index.html (Now the .swf lives in the web folder instead of the flas folder)

So the swf looks for the “site/web/images” folder where it should be “site/web/flas/images” so now you must change the image path to flas/images instead of images. Or you could just move the images folder to the site/web folder.

Where do i find the inspector window?

Go to Window and select Component Inspector or press Shift + F7 on your keyboard.

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