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Simple Sound Controller 02 AS3

Simple Sound Controller 02 AS3

The simple sound controller plays the songs in a playlist read from the xml file in order or shuffled according to the settings.

It was was designed to be used standalone embedded in html or inside your flash project.

Easy to use and a very good choice if you want to add a simple and easy to use music controller to your project.

The following options can be changed in the XML config file:

– start paused on/off (if you want the player to start playing or paused)
– start buffering on/off (if you want the player to start buffering the first song even if it’s set to paused)
– playback volume
– shuffle (random) on/off (this also includes the first track)
– location for an unlimited number of songs in the playlist

The appearance of the sound controller can easily be edited in the fla file.

Photoshop Design .psd file is also included along with all Flash sources.

We hope you enjoy this new release from Flashtory.

Help/Support available only on our Simple Sound Controller 02 AS3 Flash Support Forum

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