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SLANTED Banner / Gallery

SLANTED Banner / Gallery

This is a fully XML driven, resizable image viewer prepared to fit as home page banner as well as product or portfolio gallery. This can also be loaded inside Flash websites and Templates. Doesn’t needs thumbnail images and able to show unlimited number of images. The XML file contains more than 25 parameters to customize.

Main Features:
As shown in the above preview, adjusting few parameters can bring wide variety of structures to match your page design and layout.

  • RADIUS : All the corners are rounded and the Radius can be adjusted from zero to any value. Also there is an option to turn off rounded corner when the image expands to show full view.
  • SLOPE ANGLE : The slope Angle can be adjusted anywhere from minus 45 to plus 45 Degrees. Zero degree also possible incase no slope needed.
  • COLUMN WIDTH : Adjustable column width. Smaller width means possibility to show more number of images at a time and larger width means possibility to show wide area before clicking.
  • IMAGE MOVEMENT : The image can be either allowed to move with columns or keep them without movement.

General Features:

  • Resizable to any extent
  • Can show unlimited number of images
  • Can load JPG , GIF, PNG and SWF files.
  • Adjustable spacing between columns
  • Adjustable movement speed and direction with possibility to stop movement.
  • Can show border (1 pixel thickness) with adjustable color and transparency
  • The mouse over effect’s brightness can be adjusted
  • The mouse over hand cursor can be enabled / disabled
  • Enable / disable mouse drag navigation
  • Mouse Wheel navigation
  • Switch off expanded view to allow opening links directly by clicking columns
  • Adjustable title and description text size, color, margin, alignment, bg color, bg alpha
  • Possible to show the text always
  • Automatically resizes and centers the image to fill the area. Option to turn off this feature also available
  • Option to show / hide “BACK” button

Source File:
The source package has both AS2 and AS3 versions saved in Flash8 and Flash CS3 . All the code written in timeline. Few graphical elements such as preloader, BACK button and text can be edited through library symbols.

File Size:
40kb with embedded text fields (Bold & Normal)
15kb if embedded text fields removed

Here is the screenshot of XML file: