Sleek XML Pill MP3 Player

This is a minimalist style xml driven MP3 pill sized player. The main purpose is a complete minimal design, for one mp3 to be repeatedly played. Perfect for background loops. The equalizer visual is a REAL equalizer, not just an animation, it’s reading the sound wave as it plays.

If you are looking for a full featured MP3 player rather than a pill player try this.


  • Drag and Drop for easy implementation in your project.

  • XML driven song, repeating a given mp3 file, perfect for background loops.

  • The volume is remembered from the last time you used it, so a user only has to adjust your site volume once.

  • mp3 is streamed (played as they are still downloading) for fastest playback.

  • Equalizer is real, and shows the sound wave that is playing, not just an animation.

  • 100% vector, scalable, resizable, and can you can easily edit colors, gradients, etc. right on the vector graphics in Flash.

  • In addition to the drag n drop method, for advanced users this can be instantiated with script once placed into the library.

  • Also for advanced users, when instantiated with script you can pass a false argument and it won’t load the xml, and you can use it’s method playMP3 to point it at sound files, if you want to use this for a sound board or music player, etc.

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