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hmmm… something wrong with the preview…

^ Well, I have checked it with all the browsers. There seems to be no problem. Your screen resolution maybe causing problem. Try scrolling down on the page or wait 2-3 secs maybe while it loads the XML .

now it works. earlier the preview was on this page itself. Anyway nice job.. :)

Very nice!!!!!

Totally amazing file!

Thanks everybody!

i.. khm Phone? :) Good idea by the way.

Lol, yea ;)

Great file, a good addition to a flash or website!

Good people on this website.

On the top of being a very good file, Kamii gave me a great support…fast and efficient.


Great file, does everything I needed it to and more. But more importantly than anything is that Kamil gives, by FAR , the absolute best support and service of any developer on Flashden.

I really appreciated the help and work. Thanks.

Thanks Matt!

hello, would you be able to provide cs3 verision if i purchase?

Sure thing!

Hi Ka,

I bought it but i can not open it… i need it in cs3, could you send me the cs3 version?

best regards


Hi Ippon,

Well, it has been clearly mentioned in the item description that it requires Flash CS4 + to open.

However, I could entertain your request and save the file in Flash CS3 format for you, if only I had Flash CS4 or below. Because Flash CS5 won’t allow me to save a file as Flash CS3 . I will try to see if I can find a way to that. As soon as I have it, I shall let you know.

- Kamil Waheed

Hi I have it working but I dont get the lighting shimmer effect on the text ? CS5

Hmm, strange. Can you send me your file so that I can look into it? Contact me through my profile.

Hi after using and uploading this software, I have a google warning this site is running maliicious malware. Can you please run a full check on your software please and confirm you have no such thing.

I am afraid but a malware warning has nothing to do directly with my file. Your domain, or the content on your web-page might be flagged by Google. Try uploading my file on some other domain, if the problem persists, kindly email me through my profile. Thanks!

Hello, I have tried to embed other languages fonts (Hebrew & Russian) but I see no text ! How to make it in other language ?? Thanks!

You would need to embed the fonts of other languages. Contact me via my profile here and I’ll be able to personally look into it.