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nmgrosso Purchased

I love this and it was exactly what i was looking for! I was wondering if there is a way to move the text to the right side of the banner and have it “float” in the middle on each slide?

Naken Purchased

Hi designesia,

Great file!! I’ve added 6 different SWF files to the rotator. Everything works fine. I was just wondering how to access each loaded SWF file? Ie to go to a frame when activated/or pressed to focused position.

KR /Chris

hanher Purchased

How to make loading FLASH not playing on their own, we should wait until the video playback to the time of his re-broadcast!

(btnXpos) and (btnYpos) does not work, how can i change ?

Original Code

width = “950” height = “250” timer = “600” line_color = “0×000000” num_color = “0xFFFFFF” progress_color = “0×000000” textBgAlpha = “70” textBgColor = “0xFFFFFF” btnXpos = “right” btnYpos = “top” btnBgColor = “0xAAAAAA” imgRandom = “false” showTimer = “false” >

idgdltd Purchased

Hi, Great file, thanks. I am using it as the basis of the entire site. However, I have existing nav buttons that I need to use rather than the number buttons included in the file. Unfortunately I’m being a bit thick and can’t work out how to transfer the functions of your buttons onto mine (which are just standard AS2 rollover buttons).

Is that something you could help with please? Essentially I just need to use normal buttons on the timeline to move to a new SWF rather than your dynamically-produced ones. Thanks Andy

You mentioned its easy to resize the banner… Do I need flash to resize it or I can resize the whole slider/banner from xml file?

Hi, I have recently purchased this item and there is only one thing that I’d like to change and I have no idea how to do it.

Is there a way I can change this so after the last image is loaded, it will start over without the rewind effect?

level5 Purchased

umm… i never got your email or anything….

I wonder are a noncache on flash or something because each time i changes images or so.. it stays same.. so how can i fix it. i know i can fix it by clear up my broswer, but what about my customers and people..

So hope hear from you thank you..

Hello, I’m having the same problem as fabriciobl.

I need to position the nav button to the top right. I am getting settings.xml to work in all but this area:

btnXpos = “right” btnYpos = “top”

So thsi doesn’t appear to work.

Also … is there any way in the XML to position the text so its, say, 300 px to the left of the left border?

hi, great file, I just have a problem with the accented characters. Things like ç á é ã are not showing.

melodic1 Purchased

Hi, just purchased and it’s great. one question: is there an option to have the rotator load with the slideshow defaulted to paused? Thanks much!

Hi! Does it support Cyrillic characters?

zixiyu Purchased

Great file!

Just a problem, the images do not seem to be fully flushed to the side when it slides left. It leaves a 1 pixel gap. But it’s fine when it slides right.

Any idea how to rectify this problem.

Thanks in advance.


hi, Thanks for your correction. What is your email? I’ll send the latest version. I will also update this file in the next few days.

Hi, do you have this rotator banner on the link bellow ?


Hi there,

Please let me know how I can remove the text bar. I would like to have only the rotating banners with no text in there.

Thank you in advance.

I hope to hear from you. Elena

nicolak Purchased

Hi, How do I remove this white border to let the extreme left and at the top?