Sliding Image Gallery with Scrollbar



This is a horizontal sliding image gallery with a scroll bar and directional buttons for navigation. It allows you to load either images or swf files for each slide. Also, it’s able to auto-stop to the nearest slide position during navigation.

Customizations of content, appearance, and behavior can be done easily through XML . Use it within your site or embed it into your existing flash file.


  • Adjustable number of slides displayed at a time.
  • Able to add unlimited number of slides.
  • Resizable and featuring configurable width, height, and padding for slides.
  • Easy navigation by directional buttons, scroll bar thumb dragging, or clicking of the scroll bar track.
  • Able to add a link to each slide.
  • Configurable text panel for each slide. Can be displayed either on mouse over or permanently.
  • Pick between loading of all slides at once or loading as you navigate.
  • Changeable color for background, control panel, preloader, text, and text panel.

Updates on 6/22/2009:
  • Added mouse over border effect.
  • Added mouse wheel scrolling.
  • Added FlashVars support for changing xml file name/path.