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SMART BANNER ROTATOR - Ken burns, Random Slideshow

SMART BANNER ROTATOR - Ken burns, Random Slideshow

Item outdated – Check here


SMART BANNER ROTATOR is the perfect way to showcase your pictures/ads in style. Each item has a separate slideshow time and you can edit their link, target and many other individual settings just by modifying the XML ( you don’t need to own Adobe Flash to set up this component ) . You can use this integrated in your HTML page ( by dragging it in the desired position on your preferred HTML editor ), in your flash project (just drag and drop in your stage) or just stand alone.

Possible panning positions ( initial and final ) –


UPDATE 1 .1[ awaiting approval ]
Now arrows fade if no interaction, demo -> here


  • random slideshow – on /off
  • supports .PNGs, .JPGs, .GIFs and SWF
  • image smoothing is applied – photos will display fine even if zoomed
  • supports unlimited items – rotate as many pictures as you wish
  • slideshow mode – with independent time for each item that you can define in the XML provided
  • lightweight – only 18kb
  • values you can set up for each item – description (the description from the top), initialZoom(any value you wish), finalZoom, slideshowTime ( the time the banner rotator stays focused on the specific item ), burn effect time ( the time you wish the effect to take ), url (if no url is set the item will just be a image with no link on click ), target, transitionType(easeInSine,linear etc.) , initialposition, final position (choose from topleft,topcenter,topright,middleleft,middlecenter,middleright,bottomleft,bottomcenter,bottomright )
  • XML Driven – modify the contents by just using a simple text editor (like notepad) , so there’s no need to own Adobe Flash
  • resizable to your preferred size – all contents will position proper

    XML Examlple

    <settings transitiontime="3" random="on" height="300" width="590" />
    <description><![CDATA[<font size="21" color="#990000"><b>Smart Banner Rotator</b></font><br></br>Display your images / ads with style with the Ken Burns effect integrated with this banner rotator.]]></description>
    <description><![CDATA[<font size="21" color="#990000"><b>Supports HTML text</b></font><br></br>Customise your descriptions by changing fonts, adding <font color="#77CCCC"><a href="http://activeden.net/user/ZoomIt">links</a></font>, <b>bold</b>, <i>italic</i>, <font color="#FFFF00">color</font>, <font size="16">size</font>  and images dirrectly from XML.]]></description>
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