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Smart Rotator Plus

Smart Rotator Plus

What is new on Smart Rotator Plus Version

  • Load Image(.png, .jpg, .gif), flash(.swf) and video(.flv, .mp4, .f4v) files.
  • This rotator can play video files(flv, mp4, f4v) directly. No need any extra swf or extra video player. Also Smart Rotator+ stream your video according to your bandwidth. Just give your video file path directly :).
  • Decide your video player size via XML . You can define the video player size such as width and height via XML .
  • Remove or Add each menu items. You can add or remove menu’s part such as numbers, arrows or info button.
  • Media index based transition direction.
  • Add Blur Filter Effect. You can add blur filter to your transitions.

Why This Rotator Smart?

  • Because this rotator sync itself to your bandwidth(internet speed).
  • Three different type of transition.
  • Because this rotator has got lots of feature which are controlled by the XML .
  • This banner support different alphabet and chars like ç, Ç, ö, Ö, ?, ?, ?, ?, ü, Ü, ?, ? etc…
  • You can modify menu via XML .
  • You can use HTML tags with your texts.
  • You can give different link for each banner.
  • You can use any images or flash files and videos with Smart Rotator.
  • You can use Smart Rotator with html projects or flash projects.
  • Easy to resize. Resizeable to any extend.
  • There are CS5 and CS4 version.

XML Screen Shot


I will not publish any new version of Smart Rotator. After this version(Smart Rotator +) all quality and features increases will add to this ( Smart Rotator Plus) version so you can be sure that this version will stay updated always. Thanks for your purchasing and please vOtE :).