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Smart Video Player

Smart Video Player

Smart video player can be used in any flash or HTML project. It has a lot of features and state of the art design.


  • Can be used as a standalone player
  • Data can be passed through HTML
  • Player can play video at any size
  • It supports full screen playing
  • Player is H264 compatible
  • Space bar pauses/plays the video
  • Double click turns full screen on/off
  • Video looping can be turned on/off
  • Player can be configured to auto play video
  • Video can be viewed in default size or scaled to fit the video player
  • You can provide a share link so people can send links to your video arround.

Update 2: Approved
- Added auto hide controls on start functionality
- Added hide controls on mouse out(out of video area)

Update 1: Approved
- Fixed 16:9 video fullscreen positioning
- After stopping video and playing it again image didn’t hide – Fixed
- Fixed auto start bug

Popeye video is released under Public Domain License.