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  • XML Driven structure. All the texts/images/pages that you see on preview are changable from xml.
  • 6 different reusable page module. Every page module can be used several times. For example; you can add 5 different galleries or text pages to your site.
  • Fully customizeable contact page.
  • Changable background image for each page.
  • You don’t need any flash/actionscript knowladge to edit the content. You just need a text editor like Notepad.

News module contains a banner rotator which supports YouTube videos, images and flv/f4v/mov videos and a text field which supports html tags. You can add more than one news pages to your site like all the other page types.

Text module contains a textfield which supports html tags.

Gallery page is an image and video presentation page which supports jpg/png/gif/flv/f4v/mov file types and YouTube videos. You can change image and thumbnail sizes and fullscreen option for large images through xml. Also you can add more than one galleries to your site like all the other pages.

Menu module contains a accordeon menu which you can show a menu and it’s content inside it.

Solid Bistro supports external swf files that you may want to add your site externally.

Contact module contains a text field which supports html tags and a fully customizeable contact form. You can add / remove form fields to your contact forms. There are 8 different type of field that you can add to these forms. These are “string”, “multiline”, “date”, “email”, “dropdown”, “radio”, “checkbox” and “hidden” fields. You can change these fields’ required option through xml like all the other features. And you can add unlimited number of fields to your forms from xml.

Reservation page is extended from contact module.

  • Images are purchased from Fotolia.com for preview and NOT included to the package.
  • Pixel font is also purchased from http://www.miniml.com and it’s not included to the package to.
  • All your technical support needs will be replied in 24 hours max.
  • Please don’t forget to rate my template after you buy. Thanks…

“Thank you very much for your express help. Btw, template is really amazing and it’s usable for many purposes, not the Caffe/Restaurant only :) Like it very much. Easy to understand, customizable, lightweight and Original. Thumbs up!”

“really love this template, so easy to use and configure. everything is laid out plain and simple. i would say easier than wordpress! here it is working on my site, www.robsnuggs.com

seller is amazing helped me through every single part of setting this up, i am new to flash and everything to do with websites. he made everything clear and helped if i was confused.

many thanks lynCh”

“I am very glad to have this fine product as my 100th item I purchased here at Envato’s. :)

I discovered this template a couple of days ago. I was impressed by the stylish, elegant design and the well structured features. I think this themed template can be used for more than just one purpose, that is, besides the restaurant theme other ways are open for the buyers. I was glad to rate it with 5 stars, because the design, the quality and the documentation are far above the average!.”

“Hey! you’ve done a super template, I appreciate it a lot thank you.”