Shoot the rocks with up arrow when you are not able to escape from them

Try to collect more number of diamonds as possible

If the rocks hit your ship then you are the looser

You need to check how many diamonds are you able to collect

For each diamond you get 50 points

Code hint is there in the FLA file and code is very simple

Help file is attached

Soon you can get multi player game

Code help

1. Part of code is in the main movie and the rest in the “bullet” movieclip.

2. the game is inside a main movieclip, you can drag and drop this into any flash project.

3. Conditions are checked for hit of each bullet with rocks and gems, which is in “bullet” movieclip

4. If the bullet crosses the top lets remove it.

5. score board is increased by 50 points for each hit of a gem to the ship.

6. key events are handled from the main movie.

very soon two player game also will come