Speed Boating flash game


Use “UP” arrow on keyboard to move the boat forward.

Use “W” arrow on keyboard to go far and “S” arrow on keyboard to come near the shore.

Use “P” to pause the game any time and press “P” again to start.

Collect Hearts, Stars and Coins.

Avoid the ice bergs.

Hit the jumpers to jump and have fun. It will refill your energy. You can use space bar to jump anytime but it won’t fill energy.

At any time if you loose the complete energy or lives, then the game will be over. Brief:

The graphics used are of high quality.

Realistic water animation.

All vector graphics except the island, sand and the rock.

This flash game can be customized/modified using Adobe Flash CS5 or above.

Scripting is well commented.

There is an option provided to display your logo on the game where ever you need it. The position of the logo, logo image and link to your site can be configured from logo_config.xml file. If you don’t want to put a logo then don’t give the image name in the xml.

You can customize your own graphics inside each movieclip in the library.

Have not used a background sound to keep the file size small. But you can add it by uncommenting the lines in code.