Spinning Earth Globe (with Controlled Speed)

  • 100% scalable vector;
  • Small size SWF: only 6,6KB;
  • All animation done by actionscript;
  • Translucent globe;
  • One movieclip contains all graphic elements. Simply drag and drop;
  • Included AS code for 8 versions of the globe (as seen in the preview);
  • Easy to customize (with actionscript):
    • rotation speed;
    • globe elements colors;
    • globe elements transparency;
  • Documentation included (readme.pdf)

More realistic Flash globes here: Spinning 3D Earth Globes (Pack of 5)

Globes with HTML5 Animation here:

Customer support

  • Documentation included (readme.pdf)
  • Additional support by e-mail or this site.
  • I’m available to customise these files (at an additional cost). Mail me if you have any tasks.
  • Contact e-mail: cz.cesgra@yahoo.co.uk

Preview of Documentation


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