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SpiritBoard mouse follower

SpiritBoard mouse follower

1. Introduction

Inspired by the shape of the tool on a spiritboard, from a tv series of three witches. This is a revamp of a mouse follower I created 5 years ago. Now it’s customizable in various aspects – color, size and speed. If you only like the movement, you can still change the vector graphic inside. What separates this from the pack that it does not replace your pointer nor create unwanted attention. It’s unobtrusive and will respect the visitors’s pointer!

Try it out to know what I mean! ;)

2. Features

  • Fun!
  • Customizable color, size, speed
  • Easy copy paste method of inserting it into your project
  • Unobtrusive and calm
  • Will move out of the way of the pointer
  • Different movement on mouse hold/click
  • Accelerating motion when it’s too far away
  • The follower itself is only 2kb!
  • Animated example panel to see some customization cababilities
  • Well commented script, detailed documentation, full english and hungarian support

3. Can be useful for

  • On websites which need a nice effect of this kind
  • Replacing an obtrusive mouse follower
  • When you need a mouse follower which respects the visitor and won’t be disturbing
  • You sure need a fun component as you will be in a festive mood towards the end of the year, but of course it’s not limited to the preview’s atmospere, just an idea
  • If you like the example menu animation, check it out how it’s made

4. Customization capabilities

  • There are some variables in the spiritboard mc that control the behavior
  • You will find settings for speed, acceleration, speedlimit, slow, color, center-to-top distance (if you use custom artwork), scale, blend mode
  • It can be applied into a project of any size

The rest of the description can be found in the documentation!

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