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SPLATTER Template / Deeplinking, YouTube support

SPLATTER Template / Deeplinking, YouTube support


If you want to showcase your work in a original way, impress your users and customise everything easy, then this is the template for you.


Features include

  • deeplinking support – use back/forward buttons to navigate throughout pages
  • open standards – support for images. videos, swfs and also youtube streams
  • multiple background – choose a background for every module
  • load your swf – autoresize or self resize ( if the swf already has a resize function )
  • unlimited possibilities – add as many modules as you wish + you can load a module multiple times with different xmls!

swfPress demo (cms) – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQjEEZNmx_Y


  • updated the template to support as2 movies
  • zoombox slideshow now supports images of different sizes
  • bug fixes


If you want to use the WordPress theme you need a server with PHP5 or more enabled.

Modules included

Video / Youtube Video Gallery AS3

VIDEO / YOUTUBE GALLERY is the ultimate gallery for your videos. It’s the only gallery that can display YouTube videos and videos from your server in the same container. It can be used as a portfolio or a video showcase. You choose. It is XML driven and only needs a simple text editor to be set up.

3D Wall AS3 + CMS

3D Wall Media Gallery is the ultimate creative gallery for your pictures/ swfs/ videos/ YouTube videos. It can be used as a portfolio or just as your cool gallery for your work.

Fullscreen Background

Fullscreen Background / ALL -IN-ONE is the only component you need to set up a full screen background. It supports images, swfs and videos.

AS3 Multiple Contacts Form

AS3 Multiple Contacts Form is the perfect compromise between usability and design. It is both a team module and a contact form. You can add as many members as you want and a separate mail for each of them. Impress your users with a nifty transition that slides to the contact form of each member.

Mini Music Player


and more…

Special Thanks


  • \docs – This is the documentation folder for the components
  • \deploy – This is the front-end, it contains all the files that you need to play your content. This contains the swf, html that embeds the swf and the xml file that controls the swf
  • \source – This is the source of the components. You do not need it unless you are a developer or need to edit something.