Stock Quote Tools

Stock Quote Tools

NOTE! As of September 2010, it appears that Yahoo has removed the Dow Jones Industrial Average symbol ^DJI from their database of DOWNLOADABLE stock data. Because of this change, using the symbol ^DJI with these stock tools will cause the tools to display no data. If you need a representation of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, you can use DIA, an ETF that tracks the Dow.


These tools will allow you to show stock quote data on your website. The following four stock quote tools are included:

Stock Quote – a single stock quote perfect for showing your company’s current stock value
Stock Search – a tool to allow the user to obtain a quote for any stock symbol
Stock List – a vertical watch list of your favorite stocks
Stock Rotator – a variation of the Stock List which takes up less space and rotates through your stock list

All stock data is obtained online from Yahoo Finance (15-minute delayed stock data) via a PHP cURL script. Your web server must support PHP in order to use these tools. (Note: you may experience several seconds of delay in your receipt of data from the PHP cURL process, network latency, and/or responsiveness of data server.)

No stock data is included or redistributed with these stock quote tools. These tools simply provide another means to view the online stock data. Use of the stock data is at your sole risk.

All three stock quote tools are driven by easy-to-modify XML files. Simply open the XML in your preferred text editor and change settings as desired. Following is a typical list of settings that can be customized by modifying the XML:

  • Source URL for stock data (The URL location is provided as a modifiable setting in the event that the online data location changes in the future.)
  • Stock data refresh rate
  • Rotation rate (for the Stock Rotator only)
  • Spacing between rows (for the Stock List only)
  • Colors of all background panels (including gain/loss percentage panels)
  • Your custom list of stock symbols

FLA file in CS3 format, ActionScript 3.0 code, uses Caurina Tweener engine. Flash Player 9 or higher.

(Note: The fonts used in this file are Arial (Bold) and Trebuchet MS (Bold), standard fonts on both PCs and Macs. These fonts are not included in the downloadable files. Other fonts can be substituted if desired by modifying the FLA file. Font styles are not controlled through the XML.)

2/18/10 UPDATE: An error was found that was causing these stock tools to not display in all browsers. This error was fixed and updated files are now available.

Additional note: If you are interested in the price of gold, use the symbol “XAUUSD=X”