The Storm MP3 Player expands, opens and unleashes the fury of a storm cloud animated to your music. Mouse over it and the cloud pursues.

In addition to opening/closing the MP3 player’s case, other controls include: play/pause toggle button, next track button, previous track button, volume control slider, and a track info toggle button.

The colors of the player case and storm clouds are customizable as shown in the preview. Style it to fit your website.

Following are all of the settings that can be customized via the included XML text file…

  • openAtStart (specifies if the player is fully open at runtime)
  • autoPlayOn (specifies if music begins playing immediately at runtime)
  • initialVolume
  • continuousLoop (specifies if player stops after one complete play through)
  • randomStart (specifies if the starting track is chosen randomly from the list of available tracks)
  • Color Settings (case color, two cloud colors, cloud glow color, viz background color)
  • Your MP3 tracks (url location, title, and artist)

Example FLA files in CS3 /CS4 format, ActionScript 3.0. Flash Player 9 or higher

(Note: MP3 music tracks used in the preview are NOT included in the downloadable files. The first MP3 track in the preview is an excerpt from “Drifter” by AudioJungle author Adamjamescuz. It is available for purchase here: )

UPDATED 8 /14/10
Streaming functionality has been added. The user can specify the number of seconds of buffer time in the XML file.