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Streaming MP3 Player

Streaming MP3 Player

We’ve released a jQuery carousel plugin! Here are some screenshots;

From my portfolio:

Warning : When visiting the page, make sure there aren’t any flash players opened in other browser tabs. (Such as youtube, etc.)

Streaming MP3 Player (AS3)

Description: The Streaming MP3 Player allows you to add mp3 files to your projects. You can define the URL of the mp3 file and your desired color in the configuration file. The playing track can be paused and resumed by clicking on the player. The equalizer that comes with the player reads the sound spectrum bytes as the song goes.


  • XML Driven
  • Drag and drop into your own projects and you’re ready to go.
  • Change the color and the track easily.
  • The song can be paused and resumed by clicking on the player.
  • Developed using object oriented methods with AS3.
  • Comes with a help file.

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