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Super Vid Player (AS3)

Super Vid Player (AS3)


FILE UPDATE [10/18/08] – I have made a major update to this file. The following options have been added:
  • Auto-start Option (set in the XML).
  • Looping Option (set in the XML).
  • Set a display picture to show whenever a video isn’t playing (set in the XML)(The image can be any size).


  • XML loaded video files
  • Automatically resizes to your video size (not from XML)
  • Set a max height and max width for your videos:
    • Set the max size once, and the rest is taken care of
    • Your video will still stay proportionate to it’s original size
    • File is currently set to resize with the browser
  • Use Motion thumbnails
  • Play and Pause the video by clicking on the video
  • Sound fades in on the start of a video
  • Sound fades out at the end of a video
  • Sound fades out when another video is selected
  • Fast forward or rewind using the drag bar

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