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Terminal flight board text animation XML version

Terminal flight board text animation XML version

This is the XML version for the famous ‘Terminal flight board animation’.
This unique animation looks like the terminal flight board for arrivals and departures at airports. The banner can display simple short text message or a large information data. Everything in this preview is dynamic and XML driven.

Main Features :

  • No Flash or action-script knowledge required
  • Easily load all content from a simple XML file
  • Unlimited text lines and letters
  • Totally resizable through the XML
  • 100% flash vector graphics
  • Pause-time can be adjusted for each text-block

You can easily customize the following features:
  • Banner width & height size
  • Letters width & letters spacing
  • Number of lines & line spacing
  • Number of letters in line
  • Text X,Y position (relative to the width & height of banner)
  • Specify the background color (not mandatory)
  • Specify the background image: Jpg, Gif, Png and SWF (not mandatory)
  • Optional Link & target window (_self OR _blank)
  • Repeat animation or stop at the end
  • Play the sound or mute
You can easily Drag & Drop the animation into your flash project and combine multiple components, OR, you can easily embed the animation in your HTML, in a few simple steps:
  1. Copy & paste the SWF Object code into your html file.
  2. Assign your desired width & height.
  3. Customize the XML values for your needs. :).
That’s it.
All samples are included, including an HTML sample file.
Animation publish size is only 13kb!! .

*A fully detailed help file is included.
*For any further question, you can contact me through my profile page.

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