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what do you have to do in this game? :))

tetravex is a puzzle game where you use your strategic thinking and color matching abilities.

there is a little problem with this preview, because is set to 4 (4×4), and the drop zone is for 3 (3×3)

the code works fine but you need to put some puzzle out of the box :(

Drag the tiles into the board so that any two adjacent colors are the same

:/ its hard

easy if you have a flash tracer :D

Nice, but would be better with feedback when all puzzle pieces have been moved across: either positive feedback if the puzzle is solved, or flashing any adjacent pairs which do not match.

@sonicsight : i figured that, but i did not see anything when i completed it. So, like the flying man said..it should be better if you would have a message or something like that when you finish it.

Yay. Took me like 124.34230003 days to finish. No, seriously though. I thought I was an Big idiot. Turns out I’m not that big of an idiot. But there was a message that said, “done”. So, I think I’m done with it.

Finished the second one within a minute and 10 seconds.

finished the 3rd one in less than 30 seconds.

had to give up on one, but finished the 5th one in 1 minute.

This is addicting. LOL