This file was written in Flash CS4 and uses AS3.

This is a cool mp3 player because it uses keywords to select songs to be played. You can add 10, 20, 100, etc. mp3’s to the player via the xml, as well as three keywords for each mp3 and songs will be played according to the keywords set and the keywords selected by the user.

Hence you can create different combinations of songs based on keywords and the player will create automatic playlists based on the keyword/s selected.

The user can also dynamically delete selected keywords and select new ones.

You can potentially swap the spectrum animations for your own.

Also, you do not need a copy of Flash Professional to use this player as it is run from the xml.

Additionally, the package comes complete with all the songs in the preview.

Features of the XML are:

Set the theme colour

Set the song title

Set the song artist

Set the mp3 url

Set keywords 1, 2, and 3. You must add three keywords for each mp3.

Please enjoy this file from BestFlashCreations !

Credits for the mp3 songs go to the following artists at

Naram, 50Cal, DJIKEYCISDIABLO, Beda, Ic33, Canton, Robert Meyers, Tejaswi, konkaten8, alienzzz