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The AS3 Flash Fotography Template

The AS3 Flash Fotography Template


The Fotography Template is a well built Flash AS3 website, you can customize the image and text content easily via xml with a simple text editor. The template is SEO friendly with deeplink support. You can use this template as your photography works’ showcase or portfolio.

UPDATE : I’ve added the thumbnail number option in the photography, if you want to auto-scrolling the thumbnails when more than the number, just drop me a line via my profile page. I can send you the update files. And I’ll update it here later.

Click Here to see the deeplink preview.

Features include

  • Modular independent: include home, photography gallery, about, contact etc.
  • Menu with submenu support, unlimited submenus
  • Deeplink support, SEO friendly, you can navigate between each modular in it. Please remove the preview frame on the top to see it
  • Each modular is driven by XML content, with optional XML path except the contact.
  • Driven by pure AS3 document class.
  • Full debug with IO error handler.
  • Each modular is well self-componented, so you can load it to another swf.
  • Sequence loading, the thumbnails and images will be loaded one by one.
  • Optional gallery description with HTML support.
  • Optional image/thumbnail and video size.
  • Images support many file type: jpg, png, gif and basic swf animation.
  • Videos support flv (sorenson, on2), mov (h.264), or mp4.
  • Optional link style: _blank, _self or _parent.
  • The .fla .as source files and FAQ are included in the source package.


The pictures are from Simon
The preview videos some are from Alex, you can find more here:

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