The Looking Glass V6 XML Image Gallery

The Looking Glass V6 Zoomed, Looped and Linked XML Image Gallery

Nov. 28, 2009 FlashDen File of the Week

A simple, easy-to-use, and unique XML image gallery that fits all window sizes. You can have as many images as you want. Images scroll left to right looped and continuously. On rollover, the images quick-zoom into the center and zoom around the entire image. On click, it will link out. You can also have the text shown initially or have this shown on roll over. All controlled by a simple XML file. In the XML, you can change the width and height of the images, the descriptions, movement speed, and where the mouse click will link out to, as well as the target of the link.

Note: Images can be any size you wish, but all the images in the file must be the same size (otherwise, they will just be cropped). You set the size of your images in the XML.

The Looking Glass V1 also available.
The Looking Glass V2 Looped also available.
The Looking Glass V3 Linked also available.
The Looking Glass V4 Looped and Linked also available.
The Looking Glass V5 Zoomed also available.

The Looking Glass XML Image Galleries V1-6 Package also available.

AS3. Flash CS3.

All code is commented.

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