The Snake (V2) XML Image Gallery

Oct. 30 2010 update – Bug was fixed so that thumbnails no longer twitch and additional XML option was added so that you can choose to have the thumbnails menu stay up permanently.

A unique menu with dynamic, pixel-perfect buttons, which are all dynamically scaled and positioned in relation to the mouse position to produce a unique animation among the buttons. This animation is entirely controlled by ActionScript. Thumbnail images can be any size you would like! But it works and looks much better if they are all the same height, and looks best if they are all the same size in width and height. The gallery image box conforms to any image size and also dynamically makes space for any description that you add in the XML. It also has a next and previous arrow buttons that you can click on the image to just go back and forth. All the buyer has to do is fill in the XML, thumbnail urls, image urls, and descriptions. There are also other things the buyer can change.

This is the same XML Image Gallery as The Snake XML Image Gallery but this version (V2) has 3 new great features:
– Tooltips have been added! However, you can also decide to have tooltips or not, by simply typing ON or OFF between the tooltips tags in the XML.
– HTML + CSS formatting has been added to the description clip, so you can change the color and size of the text, as well as add links and style them as you please! Supported HTML / CSS formatting methods help file is included.
– Dynamically smart resizing of images; if the image is too big, i.e. bigger than the flash player area, the image will be automatically sized down to fit within the space provided. The text and borders are of course taken into account so everything still looks good!

This gallery uses The Snake Menu V2.


All code is commented and step by step instructions included.

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