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Some questions before purchasing:

1.The most important: can the whole thing be loaded as a swf file?

2.Can be thumbs situated beneath the large photo or vertically beside it?

3.Can Cyrillic fonts be implemented into the XML file and to be visible?

Thank you

dimarini, no – the file is what it is – if you want different, go buy a different one… thanks for your interest.

looks awesome just purchased.. ill let you know how it works out.

gdeiter Purchased

any suggestions on how to implement multiple galleries or catagories in one fla?

gdeiter – I am planning to develop a new file for the sponge board with categories and more features.

nice template! but is it possible to increase the size of the thumbnails in the flash file?

markrob. Yes, it’s possible to change the size of the thumbnails in the Flash file, but not in the XML . Please check out Sponge Board V2 with tons of new features and things you can change in the XML , including thumbnail dimensions. :) Thanks.

benz3980 Purchased

Where do i change thumbnail size. thanks.

benz3980, ActionScript knowledge is needed to change the thumbnail size in this file. Please contact me if you would the file modified. My other Sponge Board gallery file, you can change the thumbnail size and much more via the XML . Thanks.

have something like this one, but on AS2 ?

Nope, sorry, just AS3 .

gdeiter Purchased

I asked a while back about implementing sections. Just saw the new template. Looks great, scroll function is key, works great. Cheers.

is it easy to change the number of columns in the .swf file


This is must be changed in the code inside the FLA . AS3 knowledge is required. Please email me if you would like modification work done. Thanks.