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The Stealth Pod MP3 Player

The Stealth Pod MP3 Player

The Stealth Pod is a compact MP3 player driven by an easy-to-modify XML file. The XML file includes your custom list of MP3 tracks, your choice of color for the MP3 player, and your color choice for the track progress bar.

For the web developer: complete published SWF files of the MP3 Player are included (left- and right-opening players) and are ready for embedment into your web page or presentation (will work with Flash Player 8 or higher). You need only modify the XML files for the MP3 tracks and player colors you desire. (Full instructions are included.)

For the Flash developer: the MP3 player is completely contained in its own movieclip. Just drag-and-drop into your project. Vector graphics are resizable. FLA file in CS3 format – Coded in ActionScript 2.0 – OK to publish for Flash Player 8 or higher.

7/29/09 UPDATE
The following improvements were made…
  1. The track progress bar was made draggable. Drag it to move to various locations in your music track.
  2. The scrolling track info display can be stopped for easier reading by holding down the mouse button.

8/23/09 UPDATE
The XML file was re-structured to avoid a read error generated by some XML parsers.

9/08/09 UPDATE
Based on user suggestions and comments, additional settings were added to the XML file. The following can now be controlled through XML:
  1. openAtStart (“yes” or “no”) – specifies whether the MP3 player is open or closed at initial loading
  2. autoPlayOn (“yes” or “no”) – specifies whether the MP3 player starts in play mode or pause mode at initial loading
  3. firstTrackRandom (“yes” or “no”) – specifies whether the first MP3 track played is randomly chosen from the track listing (if not, play begins with the first track in the list)

1/13/10 UPDATE
One additional setting was added to the XML file. The following can now be controlled through XML:

constantLoop (“yes” or “no”) – Specifies if the track list automatically repeats itself after all tracks have played. If constantLoop is set to “no”, the track list will play through once, then pause on the first track. This new option allows a single play-through (no repeating loops) for speech, narratives or advertising content. (Instructions and XML documentation were also improved.)

(Note: MP3 music tracks used in the preview are NOT included in the downloadable files.)