The Video Centre is a versatile video player which has two modes – ‘Video by Tags’ playback and ‘YouTube Playlists’. The ‘Video by Tags’ mode allows the user to add three tags to each YouTube video, H.264 video, or .flv video. You can add a potentially unlimited amount of videos via the .xml and the Video Centre will group them within the player according to the tags you specify.

With the ‘YouTube Playlists’ mode you can add a potentially unlimited amount of YouTube playlists to the player by simply adding the youtube playlist i.d. to the xml.

Features include:

Change the theme color to a color of your choice.

Add your own company/website name to the video background.

Support for .flv, H.264, and YouTube video with the ‘Video by Tags’ mode and also support for YouTube playlists.

Add complete YouTube playlists by simply adding the playlist i.d. to the .xml.

‘Greyscale’, ‘scanlines’, and ‘noise’ picture effects.

Clean as3 code which is well commented.

A video player with a clean and easy to use design.

Please enjoy this file from BestFlashCreations !

Update 10.9.14

1. Improved full screen mode. 2. Added ‘snapshot’ feature (only works with non-YouTube videos). 3. Added ‘Tweet’ button. 4. Other minor improvements

Update 19.9.14 (in queue)

Fixed a bug regarding the use of the escape key in fullscreen.