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what’s change between this item and xsell template…lol

nice work !

Nice design! I dig it.

Thanks all.

The Xsell template has an XML Thumbnail slideshow and this one has a much larger XML Slideshow with alpha button tweens that trigger each large image display.

Thanks bro.

Here’s my next file in the que: DEMO

Any issues with adding software downloads or membership services? We can program that in correct?

Software: Easily, downloads as in digital delivery can be integrated for a fee of $150 I believe.

Membership: I have not tried to integrate membership services yet.

thank you for the reply.

why are the files saying locked when I try to reproduce the swfs?


Haven’t seen this error message before.


Nice work on this design!!

However, please check the checkout – is not working.


Yea…think I’ll buy this by the end of the week….I’m fairly certain. :) Nice work.

Hey, thanks for the template…definitely slick! Question for you (or anyone really). When I make the changes (eg. categories, pictures, colors) how can I preview the site and see how it looks before making it live?

Sorry if it seems simple. I’m a noob!

aaaaaaaaaaaaand I figured it out…I feel dumb, sorry!


Call me for the fastest response and custom support requests please, Sean Wichert, Sr. http://roqstar.net 512.701.2491