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The Xsell Template

The Xsell Template



The Xsell Template


+ Don’t even have to open the Flash Files.
+ Image Size: 750×300 .jpegs or load .swf’s by changing the path name.
+ XML 4 Photo Slideshow w/ Thumbnails.
+ Play Button
+ Pause Button
+ Auto Play On Load
+ XML file for the 4 images or .swf;s in the slideshow.
+ Add unlimited Pages & Products vial XML. + Designer Original Controls like nowhere else on the net!
+ Clean Sleek Design
+ Ultra Light File Size
+ Great for Simple & Cleean Presentations

Xsell Thumbnail SlideShow:

1. Replace the pictures(1-4.jpg or 1-4.swf) with your own images or .swf’s. Make sure you name the pics the same things. i.e. 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc. 2. Make sure all your images or .swf’s are 750×300 & simply rename them the same corresponding names that are allready in each XML file and image folder. 3. Everything else is allready setup for you for the file to aouto play/loop. 4. Upload all files to THE ROOT FOLDER of your server. e.g. Usually it’s “yoursite.com/_” 5. Thumbs need to be sized at 48×21 & named “thumb1’, “thumb2, etc. 6. Open the “thumbs.xml” file to edit the location or change the .jpg to load a .swf if you like.

Notes: + If you want to customize the design, simply open the “preview.fla” and double on each button to change the look. + A Full Screen HTML is included & the “SWF OBJECT.js” so include these when you upload to the server. + Do not change any of the file names or they may not function properly. + The images or .swf’s are located in the “pics.xml” file. + The Category Folders [“CATEGORY 1”, “CATEGORY 2”, “CATEGORY 3”] hold the Images or .swf’s for each Product image or Flash File to display. + Open the Category XML Files [“CATEGORY 1.xml”, “CATEGORY 2.xml”, “CATEGORY 3.xml”] to edit the Image or .swf location for each Product image or Flash File to display. + Number each product display image or location according to the number it will appear on the scroller. + When you open the files, you will see the structure it is designed in.

The Logo, Phone, & Email

There are 3 folders called “phone xml & css”, “email xml & css”, “logo xml & css” which contain a .css file and an .xml file.

Open the .css file within each folder to edit the look & feel of the fonts. e.g. Color, Size, Bold, font-Alignment

Open the .xml file to edit the text. e.g. “The Logo”, “1.888.555.000”, & “sales[at]u.com”

The Main Menu Section of the site

The “PAGE.FLA” folder contains the .fla for each page on the “main menu” section of the site.

Open the “home.fla” once inside the folder to edit the corresponding page display .swf seen in the demo.

Note: Save different version of each “home.fla” and publish them with the corresponding page name. e.g. “home.swf”, “about.swf”, etc.

The Store Section of the Site

Open the “CATEGORY.FLA” folder.

Inside this folder you will find the product display .fla you see when you access the store section of the site.

Note: Save a different file for each product or create your own. e.g. Product 1.swf, Product 2.swf, etc.

*IMPORTANT: Change out your PayPal email address in the “FULLSCREEN SWF LOADER XML STORE SITE TEMPLATE.fla” in the main Action Script Layer.

Video Players [FLV]

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Image Viewers

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8752 8752 8752 8035 8752


11177 11178 21145 Draggable Preloader Tooltips Draggable Preloader Tooltips

Full Screen Site Templates

17710 17710 17710 7501 13119 17710 11293 17710 11293 7501

Ecommerce - PayPal

7501 19587 19676 17710 13119 6619 11293 7501

Ecommerce Site Templates – PayPal

7501 7501 7501 7501

Vector Icons

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