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Themed Image Galleries

Themed Image Galleries

This file was selected as an ACTIVEDEN FILE OF THE WEEK!

This file is an XML-driven image viewer which supports multiple image galleries and background themes of your choice for each gallery.

The image viewer is capable of importing JPG, GIF, or PNG images as well as Flash SWF files.

Background themes can be images, tiled patterns or SWFs! Included in the download are 4 background images, 10 background tile patterns, and 2 background SWFs. (In the preview above, click on the gallery titled “Included Background Themes” to see them all.) But don’t limit yourself to the included files – create your own custom images or SWFs as background themes for your galleries!

Share your photos with family and friends! An optional download button allows the viewer to directly download an image to his/her computer. (Note: download button can be disabled through XML.)

Following is a list of features which can be controlled through the included XML files:
  • Your list of galleries
  • Your color choice for the background (supports multiple colors)
  • Seconds between background color change (if multiple colors)
  • Your choice of background image/pattern/SWF for each gallery
  • Slideshow auto start (on/off)
  • Seconds between slide change
  • Title and caption for each image/SWF
  • File location for images/SWFs and their thumbnail images
  • Optional download button for each image (on or off)
  • Optional hyperlink button for each image (on or off)

The included FLA file is in Adobe CS3 format. File is coded in ActionScript 3.0. OK to publish for Flash Player 9 or higher. (Instructions and AS3 class files are included with download.)

Fonts that are used in this file:
  • Arial (a standard font on PCs and Macs)
  • 04b-03 (a free 8-pt pixel font used for buttons/tooltips)
    Download link: http://www.04.jp.org/

(Note: Except for background themes and Envato library assets, images shown in preview are NOT included in the downloadable files.)

10/01/09 UPDATE!
A problem with the download image button was resolved. This button is now functioning properly.

10/05/09 UPDATE!
Several improvements were made…
  1. An optional hyperlink button for each image was added
  2. The download image button was made optional for each individual image
  3. A minor fix was made to correct a fullscreen problem experienced by some users

10/15/09 UPDATE!
A problem with multiple tiled pattern backgrounds was resolved.

11/01/09 UPDATE!
Gill Sans fonts were removed from this file and replaced with Arial (a standard font on PCs and Macs) to alleviate some issues with missing text experienced by some users.