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Think & Set Preloader

Think & Set Preloader

This preloader have multi abilities, you can able to use this preloader with many concepts. You will not need to buy or make any more preloaders for your next coming websites/movies/applications. What you need for next full screen preloader, slim preloader, refill fuel preloader, segment preloader, preloader with scrolling status….etc. Think what you need and customize this preloader as on your need, this will work.


  • Resize able
  • Customizable skin colors & also you can able to change skin manual, full guidelines are available in help file.
  • Customize able direction, you have built-in 4 directions
  • —left to right
    —top to bottom
    —right to left
    —bottom to top
  • Add status with custom text
  • Customize status text alignment, vertical alignment, background and more
  • Scroll text with loading bar
  • Attach loader with mouse
  • Built-in effects
  • Loader events
  • —on start loading
    —in progress
    —on complete loading
    —on initialize
  • You also have built-in read only methods
  • —get total bytes
    —get loaded bytes
    —get loaded percentage
    —reset loader
    —remove loader from stage

    I have added one example.fla in the main folder for your easy understanding, if you will need any kind of help or want to know about anything regarding this preloader just post message here.

    For using in multiple loads, you need to attach loader into stage for loading each object, stage or any external or laibrary file(s).

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