In preview I show only few options, you can see more options in below xml screenshot

This is an XML driven, highly customizable thumbnail scroller. Can be used with any dimension and the design can be adjusted easily through XML file. The two previews showed above are just one file with slightly different XML settings.

Here are the customize examples:


  • Add unlimited number of images
  • Support any dimension(width/height) image
  • Option to set Image Width and Height.
  • Option for loop scroll
  • Option to set preload image size
  • Option for auto selection.
  • Option to resize the large image or display without resize
  • Option for mouse direction scroll and set scroll speed
  • Option to enable or disable the auto play.
  • Control thumbnail border color, border size, rounded corner radius, highlight color, highlight size, Tint color, thumb to thumb space
  • Click over the image will launch a URL.
  • Load JPEG, PNG, GIF and SWF file.


  • Font can be Embed / None Embed
  • Embed / None Embed font support HTML format with adjustable font size, color
  • position the text to top, bottom or center of the thumbnail, Option to set spacing between the text and image.
  • Option to set text background transparency.
  • Option to control text shadow transparency and shadow distance.


  • Option for next / previous and playpause button
  • Option to enable or disable the Buttons auto hide.
  • Option to change buttons background and arrow color.
  • Option to position the button using align and spacing option.
  • Option to enable or disable the Buttons auto position.

XML structure screenshot:

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