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Transparent Template

Transparent Template



+ Awesome Horizontal Page Change Animation. + Animated Navigation. + Don’t even have to open the Flash File.
+ Image Size: 850×350 .jpegs or load .swf’s by changing the path name.
+ Thumbnail Size: 188×86 .jpegs + XML 4 Photo Slideshow.
+ Auto Play On Load & It Loops.
+ XML file for the 4 images or .swf;s in the slideshow.
+ XML file for the 4 thumbnail images in the slideshow menu bar.
+ Full Screen Flash HTML INCLUDED
+ Clean Sleek Design
+ Ultra Light File Size
+ Great for Simple & Clean Presentations
+ Don’t even have to open the Flash Files.
+ Add unlimited Items via XML.
+ XML file for the images or .swf’s & editable descriptions in the XML file.
+ Clean Sleek Design
+ Ultra Light File Size
+ Great for Simple & Clean Presentations

The XML Thumbnail Slideshow Module Info [HOME PAGE SLIDESHOW]

1. Open the “SLIDESHOW IMAGES & SWF” folder & change out the demo Large Images(850×350.jpg’s) & Thumbnail Images(188×86.jpg’s) or Movies(.swf) with your own.

2. Open the “SLIDESHOW THUMBS XML.xml” & the “SLIDESHOW IMAGES XML.xml” to add more entries & modify the image location or name of existing entries.

3. All .jpg’s & .swf’s are loaded from the corresponding folder. e.g. ”/NEWs IMAGES & SWF” folder, ”/CONTACT IMAGES & SWF” folder.


+ XML About Module
+ XML News Module
+ XML Works Module
+ XML Contact Module

Editing The other 4 XML Modules:

1. Open the corresponding folder for each Module and replace the demo images and movies with your own. e.g. Open “ABOUT IMAGES & SWF” folder and replace the images or movies with your own. Note: Keep the same name structure (e.g.”1jpg, 2.swf” etc.) & make sure the location matches in the corresponding XML file.

2. Open the XML files for each module. e.g. “ABOUT XML.xml”, “CONTACT XML.xml”, etc.

3. Edit the text content & image(.jpg) or movie(.swf) file location.

4. Add unlimited entries to each of the four PAGE XML Modules.

Finally, upload all files to THE ROOT FOLDER of your server. i.e. Usually it’s “yoursite.com/_

The PAge Turn Animation:

1. Open the “page_turn.fla” if you would like to change the page blur animation, speed(fps), or delete the “page_turn.swf” to remove the animation from happening.

Make the navigation buttons to “RollOver” instead of on onRelease>

1. Open the “Blur Template.fla” and go to the frame where the nav buttons are selectable after the intro animation has finished. 2. Select a button e.g. “HOME” & open the “Actions Layer” [F9 on a PC] and change the “on(Release)” to “on(rollOver)” 3. Repeat these steps for each of the five buttons. 4. Open the “page_turn.fla” and repeat these steps for each of the five navigation buttons.

Changing the Background:

1. Open the “Blur Template.fla” and locate the “bg layer”. e.g. The very last or bottom layer. 2. Delete or edit the vector image there. 3. Change it to a solid color or modify the existing “Radial Gradient” by opening the “Color Mixer” panel

Notes: Shift +F9 on a PC opens the “Color Mixer” on a PC or you open it by going to “Window -> Color Mixer” from the main menu.

Video Players [FLV]

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Image Viewers

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Ecommerce - PayPal

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Ecommerce Site Templates – PayPal

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11177 11178 21145 Draggable Preloader Tooltips Draggable Preloader Tooltips

Full Screen Site Templates

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Vector Icons

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