Tree XML Editor with server file manager

checkout the demo here:

Tree XML editor is the sexiest visual xml editor you’ve ever seen! you can use it in your CMS systems or any application that you want to modify ANY xml content with. All you have to do is to initialize the class and addChild it anywhere in your project and feed it with your XML object and everything else will be done for you. the xml object will be automatically converted to a tree like chart which you can open different nodes and see details. you will have full control over your xml object visually, you can swap or add new nodes, duplicate current ones, edit attributes, values and you can even see the raw xml string to modify it manually if you wish! there is also a cool server browse utility which allows you to upload files to your server to the location you wish… I am using it in my own projects and I am very happy with it, check the demo version and enjoy editing the most complicated xml files in the easiest and most understandable way possible.


  • XML comments are converted into help notes available through the programmer so your users will know what each node does
  • you can specify comments for the node itself, its attributes and even node’s text value
  • Edit nodes name
  • Add new nodes to any node
  • Duplicate any node
  • Delete any node
  • visually swap the position of nodes
  • See raw xml string of every node to modify it manually!
  • on window where you can modify attributes or node’s value, there is a “manage files on server” button which enables you to browse files on your server to upload images, sounds or your video files
  • after uploading your files using the file manager system, you can select a file or folder and it will show you path to that file so you can easily insert into your xml content