A 2D Parallel depiction of a trophy room, with framed images on shelves, a frame on the wall, and a table and a vase for decoration! Move the mouse around the stage to see the effect. You can click on any of the items on the shelves for a closer look.

UPDATE 21 .01.09: Added XML Support! You can now showcase up to 8 items on 2 shelves. Simply add the address of your image to the XML , choose a frame thickness and add alink address if you wish. The frame will be created automatically and centered on the shelf.


- Unique 3D-like environment with a cozy feeling.

-XML support for up to 8 items on 2 shelves, plus an item on the wall and an item on the table with reflection.

-Add links to any item on the shelves through the XML .

With some Flash Knowledge you can also easily customise the room to your liking:

- Make the room as large as you want.

- Put as many shelves and items as you want.

- Change the area through which the room is viewed.


- CS3 AS3 : This file is programmed using ActionScript 3.0 in Flash CS3 . It is not compatible with previous versions of Flash.

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