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Turbine - 3D Photo Gallery

Turbine - 3D Photo Gallery

This is a fully XML driven Photo Gallery made with Flash player 10.0’s native 3D capabilities. Can display any number of images, possible to choose Vertical – Horizontal rotation and more than 45 XML parameters available for deeper customisation. Can be used on html pages as well as Flash websites.

- Adjustable number of Turbine Blades (sheets)
- Can show any number of images by looping
- Vertical – Horizontal structure choice
- Adjustable gallery canvas and image dimension
- Adjustable Speed of Rotation

Caption Text
- Separate Nodes for Title and Description
- Adjustable text Size, Color, Alignment, Margin, Bg Color and transparency
- Adjustable Z location
- Option to Tilt the text

- Show / Hide Button
- Adjustable Button Color, Size, Arrow Color
- Adjustable Z location
- Option to Tilt the Button
- Image over click toggle
- Anywhere Mouse Click image toggle
- Mouse wheel control (windows only)

- 3 Reflection styles to choose
- Show / Hide Reflection
- Adjustable Reflection Alpha, Height, Distance

- Enable / Disable Camera Pan/Tilt simulation
- Adjustable Default View
- Adjustable Angular Limits

Here are the XML parameters:

Image Credits:

The images used in the preview are not available with this source package. The source package has only placeholder images.

Technical support:
If you have questions, feel free to contact through my profile page or comments section of this product.

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