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Turbo AS3 XML Blur Scroll

Turbo AS3 XML Blur Scroll

Turbo AS3 XML Blur Scroll is a dynamic scroller for your flash content. Images can be wrapped around the text and also have animated over/out states through actionscript code!

The textfields are HTML formated, with full CSS support so you can simply change the font, font size, color etc by editing the CSS file which is included on the package upon purchase. You can easily change the text, by opening the XML file and adding your own.

There is no need to open the flash file. Two(2) .AS classes are included, which are well documented in order to help you understand and edit the file.

Please rate the file after purchase, if you have any questions feel free to contact me through my profile or leave a comment here.

P.S: This dynamic scroller class can be applied to the whole FLA document or on movieclips stored in the library in order to have multiple instances! Also, if you need an image-less version of the scroller, please send me an email after purchase!

Quick Features:

  • ActionScript 3
  • XML driven text & images
  • CSS support
  • Letter spacing & leading
  • Small size – 18KB
  • Unlimited dynamic content with blur support
  • Animated images wrapped into text
  • Mouse scroll wheel support
  • Different slider styles
  • AS class included
  • Commented actionscript
  • Help file included & Free support