ULTIMATE AD LINK TEMPLATE V1 - ActiveDen Item for Sale

This fully XML driven template generates an automatically resizing AD link wall supporting 3 different AD display types (Image, SWF , Mini Rotator). Each AD entry supports its own tooltip text (can be deactivated seperately) and URL link.
The mini rotator can display an unlimited number of images in one place along with individual URL links. The delay time can be adjusted individually for each slide.

What really makes this template shine is the automatic resizing feature. The AD link wall is always generated to fill the whole browser size. For ADS that do not fit on the screen, page numbers are created. No matter if you want to use this as a fullscreen application or incorporate it into your existing layout, you don’t have to waste any time manually resizing elements.

Note: Try resizing your browser!

Feature list:

  • Fully XML driven AD template
  • 3 AD types: Image, swf, mini rotator
  • Automatic resizing and page number generation
  • HTML /CSS style formatted tooltip/header/footer
  • Very easy setup!
  • File size including embedded font (arial)

XML options:

  • thumblink – the link to the image or swf you want to use
  • tooltip – true/false activates or deactivates the tooltip for this AD
  • rotator – true/false use or don’t use the mini rotator
  • xmlfile – the mini rotator config file
  • urllink – a URL of your choise
  • urltarget – URL target e.g. _blank, _child
  • tooltiptext – the html/css style formatted tooltip text (can also load images/swf’s)
All you need to start advertising now! Also very suitable for referal business.

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