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This perfect banner rotator has everything you could want from a banner rotator. It can be any size you want. You can change the color and transparency of all the navigation controls and background/border of the banner. There are over 40 individual XML attributes you can change about the file and some of them has many possible values for your choice. Please take a look at all the things you can change in the list below, the preview screenshot images of different Ultimate Banner Rotator scenarios, and please look at the XML Documentation to view all the possibilities this file has to offer.

AS3 only. Opens with Flash CS3.

Step by step instructions is included and code is commented. Also, two html files are included, one to demonstrate fixed SWF size embedding and one to demonstrate full browser SWF embedding. The XML Documentation is also included.

All the things you can change in the Ultimate Banner Rotator in the XML
> Banner width
> Banner height
> Banner background color
> Banner dynamic resizing
> Autoplay on
> Banner border
> Text position
> Text transition type
> Text transition directions
> Text transition blurred
> Text transition speed
> Text area width
> Text format method
> Text size
> Text color
> Text align
> Text padding
> Text selectable
> Text background color
> Text background transparency
> Navigation position
> Navigation behavior
> Navigation buttons background color
> Navigation buttons background transparency
> Circle timer shown
> Timer speed
> Play/pause button shown
> Next button shown
> Previous button shown
> Numbered buttons shown
> Navigation controls spacing
> Numbered buttons direction
> Images randomized
> Image transition type
> Image transition directions
> Image transition masks
> Image transition blurred
> Image transition speed
> Image mouse over effect
> The source image
> Image active as button/link out URL
> Link out target
> Caption description text


Some screenshots of the Ultimate Banner Rotator
Ultimate Banner Rotator Screenshot 1 Ultimate Banner Rotator Screenshot 2 Ultimate Banner Rotator Screenshot 3 Ultimate Banner Rotator Screenshot 4

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