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Ultimate Carousel

Ultimate Carousel

Update 11/06/09

This update includes

Multiple video help files
Explanations on how to change the thumbs
Define thumbs size in xml and they will auto resize and position.
Set large image width and height
Set background from XML
Set background alpha in XML
Set Background Colour
Turn floor on and off with alpha
Set floor colour
Set back light colour and alpha
Set X and Y radius through XML
Set perspective in the XML
Define image for logo in XML

The Ultimate Carousel is a multi functional gallery and i have given multiple examples of how it can be used. You can use it as a Video Gallery, You could use it as Menu to load in any external galleries i have supplied, or even one of your own, Or a combination or all of them including XML news Feed Readers.

The main file is designed to be scalable but i have also included examples of a fixed size gallery you will also find indivdual read me files for the other galleries and news reader that are included.

Some Features
  • Carousel width
  • Carousel height
  • X position
  • Y position
  • Perspective
  • Speed of rotation
  • Scalable stage and auto reposition
  • Set Image Height and Width
  • Boarder size on loaded image
  • Info Box and Title description
  • InfoBox Colour
  • InfoBox Title Colour
  • InfoBox description Colour
  • Loads Images
  • Loads swf
  • Loads External Galleries
  • Displays News Readers
  • Displays and Plays Video
  • Allows loaded swf functions

Large Image reflection settings

  • Alpha
  • Ratio
  • Distance
  • Reflection Dropoff
  • Reflection alpha

Included Files

  • XML Click Scroll Gallery with Auto timer image rotate
    • Set width of gallery
    • Set height of gallery
    • Set speed the images rotate
    • Along with otehr features
  • XML Scrolling Gallery
    • Set width of gallery
    • Set height of gallery
    • Image Size
    • Set Scroll bar size
  • Super Light Video player
  • XML News feed reader
I Am sure i will be updating this file and i would love to hear form anyone with suggestions on how to make it better. Or even any or the files with it.

Many Thanks Joe