Ultimate Christmas Package - Countdown to Christmas, Christmas Tree, Star, Presents, Ribbon

All your Christmas flash needs in one package :)

Includes 7 Drag and Drop elements (all vector). Drag and drop or copy and paste them into your own flash file! All script contained within the 7 movie clips.

1. Countdown to Christmas: This automatically displays how many days till Christmas. You can change it to count down a different date by editing the actionscript in the first frame of this movie clip. Code is commented with instructions – it’s very easy to change the date.

2. Blue present: Glows and gets bigger on mouse over.

3. Purple present Same as blue present, but purple!

4. Ribbon: On mouse over light shines across this ribbon.

5. Christmas Tree: This is a plain tree with a star on top that sparkles on mouse over.

6. Decorated Christmas Tree: A Christmas tree with tinsel and decorations which sparkle on mouse over.

7. Christmas star: This is the same star that’s part of the Christmas Tree clips. It sparkles on mouse over.


...and have a joyful Christmas and New Year!!

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