Powerfull product viewer with cart ,you can full customize all style and properties in css and xml file,with 3 view mode,and search items by multiple keywords and set paypal account, and currency code for your cart and set unlimit price range(support html), and set unlimit category(support html), and set name, price,priceText(support html), thumb, img, tag, tag color, category, and description(support html and css, ex: Hyperlink, Underline, Font Color, Font Size) for each item

1. Customize all style and properties in css and xml file
2. 3 view mode
3. Search items by multiple keywords,price range,and category
4. Shopping cart
5. Checkout via payPal
6. Unlimit items
7. Unlimit categories
8. Unlimit price range
9. Tag for each item
10. Description(support html and css) for each item
11. Vector based
12. Total 24 properties Set via xml